MAGICC/SCENGEN Data Manipulation Tools

The MAGICC toolset is a set of command-line tools for manipulating the data output from the MAGICC/SCENGEN tools, that are used for generating climate change scenarios. The tools are oriented towards transforming the data in a spatial manner. The tools load and output data in ARCGIS ASCII-format files, and there is a tool for converting from MAGICC to ARCGIS format. All tools have the prefix "mst". This prefix is short for "MAGICC/SCENGEN Tools".

The tools are complied for Microsoft Windows. A GUI tool is available here.
The tools that are currently available are:

Tool Name Brief Description Documentation
mstToARC converts MAGICC/SCENGEN files to ARCGIS ASCII-format files HTML
mstScalar multiplies or divides each element in the map by a scalar value HTML
mstCrop crops a map according to specified bounds HTML
mstMask performs a masking operation over a map HTML
mstIntersection finds the common areas in two maps HTML
mstOverlay overlays one map onto another HTML
mstAvg finds the average of several maps HTML
mstMovingAvg finds the moving average of a time-series of maps HTML
mstBilinearInterpolate performs bilinear interpolation on a map HTML
mstValueCounts counts the number of times each value appears in a map HTML

Maintained by Dr Michael J. Watts