This application finds the simple arithmetic mean of the supplied maps. Each map must have the same dimensions and resolution. Each file must be in ARCGIS ASCII format.


This application has a variable number of arguments, although there must be at least three files specified.

mstAvg file_1 file_2 file_n output_file

file_1 is the first file to load
file_2 is the second file to load. There must be at least two files averaged.
file_n is the n-th file loaded
is the file to save the averaged output to


To take the average of the files source1.asc source2.asc source3.asc source4.asc source5.asc, and save the average to avg.asc, the command would be:

mstAvg source1.asc source2.asc source3.asc source4.asc source5.asc avg.asc

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