This application will perform a masking operation over the specified map. The mask is loaded from a separate file and the masking values must be specified. The two maps (source and mask) must have the same dimensions. For every cell in the mask map with the specified mask value, the corresponding cell in the source map will be retained. All other cells in the source map will be set to the specified excluded value. Both mask and map files must be in ARCGIS ASCII format.


There are five mandatory arguments for this application.

mstMask mask_file flag_value exclude_value input_map_file output_map_file

mask_file is the mask map file
flag_value is the masking flag value
exclude_value is the value to set cells that are not retained to, i.e. the value for the excluded cells
input_map_file is the file to load the source map from, that is, the map that is to be masked
output_map_file is the file to save the masked map to


Assume the source map was in the file source.asc, the mask is in mask.asc and the desired output file is called output.asc. If the masking value in the mask map was 1, and excluded cells were to be set to -9999, the command would be as follows:

mstMask mask.asc 1 -9999 source.asc output.asc

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