This tool will crop a map according to the provided coordinates, where the coordinates specify the top-left (north-west) and bottom-right (south-east) corners of the area to retain. The source and output files are both in ARCGIS ASCII format.


There are six mandatory arguments to this application.

mstCrop NW-Longitude NW-Latitude SE-Longitude SE-Latitude input_file output_file

NW-Longitude is the longitude (X) coordinate of the north-west corner point
NT-Latitude is the latatide (Y) coordinate of teh north-west corner point
SE-Longitude is the longitude (X) ocoordinate of the south-east corner point
SE-Latitude is the latitude (Y) coorridnate of the south-east corner point
input_file is the ARCGIS ASCII format file to load the source map from
output_file is the ARCGIS ASCII format file to save the cropped map to

Maintained by Michael J. Watts
Last modified Friday, 25-May-2012 21:06:10 AEST