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FuzzyCOPE is a hybrid connectionist software enviroment for the MicroSoft Win32 family of operating systems intended for research and teaching. Version 3.0 is a complete rewrite, based upon the CBIS code base, that expands upon the functionality of previous versions. Compatibility with previous versions of FuzzyCOPE is achieved via the provision of file forward conversion tools, while the native file format is 100% compatible with the CBIS system. The FuzzyCOPE /3 GUI provides a user friendly interface to the functionality of the system, while the Dynamic Link Libraries that form the core of the system may be used to develop Windows based intelligent systems through the use of the provided programming libraries. The availability of command line tools allow for the creation, training and validation of connectionist structures from the DOS prompt, granting developers the option of training modules in batches, as opposed to the one at a time approach of the GUI.

Update April 2011: This site is made available for historical reasons. There will not be any more updates or bug fixes to FuzzyCOPE 3, and there probably won't be a FuzzyCOPE 4

FuzzyCOPE / 3 Directory

Follow the links below to download componenets of the FuzzyCOPE / 3 system, or click here to download the entire system (including all DLLs, executables, libraries, examples and documentation) in one archive ( 7.5 MB ). You may wish to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) first. Please read the disclaimer before downloading any software. Note that you must download the DLLs in order to use either the GUI or the Programming Libraries. If you only want to use the command line tools, you must still download the Borland runtime DLL, cw3220.zip. (100 kB)

Please note that the release of FuzzyCOPE 3 means that previous versions of FuzzyCOPE will no longer be supported.

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