Recent Changes

Below is a list of recent changes made to the FuzzyCOPE 3 software and website.

15 May 1999 Fixed Delphi API library bugs that caused crashes when dealing with very large networks and data sets
Files,, and updated.
24 April 1999 Added FuzzyCOPE 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to web site
20 March 1999 Updated GUI to Beta 5.
Files and updated.
20 February 1999 Major changes and additions to files and website. Click here for a complete listing.
11 December 1998 Added example FuNN label and fuzzy rule files.
File updated.
Files and added.
26 November 1998 Licence and Disclaimer added to web site.
12 November 1998 Online registration page made available.
5 October 1998 Updated GUI to Beta 3. Bug fix in engine FC3.dll. Added Kohonen SOM example files.
Added Delphi API programming example. Removed compiler warning from Delphi API library.
Files,,,, updated.
Files, and added.
28 September 1998 Added FuNN fuzzy rule insertion (RIFuNN) tool to command line tool set. Files, and updated.
26 September 1998 Updated GUI to Beta 2. Files and updated.
21 September 1998 Fixed bug in Dephi API library that prevented Fuzzy Rules from being saved. Files,, and updated.
19 September 1998 Installation instructions made available online
18 September 1998 GUI Beta One made available for downloading
15 September 1998 Fixed memory leak in creation of FuNNs
Fixed bug that caused the creation of FuNNs to crash when created with an invalid number of MF attached to inputs or outputs
14 September 1998 Fixed bug that caused API functions to return 0 everytime
Fixed bug that caused data loading to crash when the data file couldn't be opened
10 September 1998 Added fuzzy rule extraction from FuNNs to engine

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