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File format - SOM

The training file for SOM has a different format to the one used for MLP and FuNN.

The file needs to be modified so that instead of numerical values, the outputs are identified by labels as shown below.

Note that FuzzyCope/3 will crash if the training file is not formatted in this way.

There are some restrictions on what the labels in the label file can contain.
They cannot contain:

  • Spaces, or
  • Special Characters (especially not brackets [ ] and comment characters */ )

    [FormatVersion = 1.0] /*Optional, but recommended - format version should be 1.0*/

    /*Comments can be inserted like this*/
    /*You can have /*comments inside*/ other comments*/
    /*This format is case insensitive. All spaces, newlines, tabs, commas and combinations of these are treated as a single space*/


    [Rows = 10] /*The number of rows in the file. Currently required, but will be optional in later formats. */
    [Inputs = 4] /*The number of inputs in the file. Defaults to 0*/
    [ExpectedOutputs = Labels] /*The type of outputs from the system.*/
    [GeneratedOutputs = 0] /*This does not need to be included, but if it is it must come after the ExpectedOutputs. Defaults to 0.*/
    [Error = 0] /*This does not need to be included, but if it is it must come after the GeneratedOutputs. Defaults to 0.*/

    /*The rows of data go here, inputs...outputs e.g.: */
    0.235294,0.625,0.067797,0.041667,[IrisSetosa] /*Commas are treated as spaces*/
    0.176471 0.416667 0.067797
    0.041667 [IrisVirginica]
    /*Extra row breaks do not matter - this line and the one above are treated as one row*/
    0.11764 0.5 0.050847 0.041667 [IrisSetosa] /*newlines are treated as spaces - this line and the next would be treated as 3 rows*/
    0.088235 0.458333 0.084746 0.041667 [IrisVirginica] 0.205882 0.66666 0.067797 0.041667 [IrisSetosa]
    0.01234 0.3456 0.45 0.46 [IrisSetosa]
    0.856 0.886 0.2456 0.356 [IrisVirginica]
    /*Labels must be in [ ] brackets*/
    0.0562 0.13 0.12346 0.7 [IrisVersicolor]
    0.0455 0.4343 0.546 0.456 [IrisSetosa]
    0.0865 0.233 0.006 0.7 [IrisVersicolor]


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