Frigate Scripting Language


The FuzzyCOPE 3 engine is based upon an interpreter for the Frigate scripting language. The language is used to create and manipulate objects that are held in memory and referenced by unique aliases. Each alias must be unique and cannot be a reserved word of the Frigate language. Frigate commands begin with a command keyword, which is usually followed by one or more arguments and tags. An argument to a command usually qualifies a command, i.e. sepcifies what form of action the command is to take, while a tag is used to denote the position of other neccessary information. In the Frigate language multiple arguments to a tag are grouped into arrays started by the { character, with each item delimited by a comma (,) and the array terminated by the } character. Single string literals are enclosed in ( and ). Boolean values are specified by either true / false or on / off.

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