Command Line Tools


There are several command line tools that have been implemented using the FuzzyCOPE 3 / CBIS code base. Most of these applications provide the same functionality as the GUI version of FuzzyCOPE, but are command line operated to allow for batch runs etc. Some tools provide functionality that was not desired in the GUI version, but are useful anyway.

Tool Classes

The tools are divided into groups according to function. The groups are:

Data : these tools are used for formatting and manipulating data files.
FuNN : these tools are used for working with Fuzzy Neural Networks
MLP : these tools are used for working with Multi Layer Perceptrons
Kohonen : these tools are used for working with Kohonen networks
Conversion : these tools are used to convert files from one format to another

Downloading the Tools

There are several options for downloading the tools: they may be downloaded individually, in groups, or all at once. To download tools individually or to download a group of tools, follow the appropriate link above. To download all of the tools at once (2.97 MB), click here.

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