Graphical User Interface


The FuzzyCOPE 3 GUI provides a window based point and click interface to the functionality of the engine. Functions currently available through the interface include data processing, multi-layer perceptrons, fuzzy neural networks and Kohonen SOMs.

The GUI is currently at the beta stage. The current beta release is Beta 5.


You must download the DLLs cw3220 (filename, 100 kB) and FC3 (filename, 538 kB) in order to use the GUI. These both must be unzipped to the same directory as the GUI executable which has the name FuzzyCOPE3.exe.

A Windows help file is available for the GUI. Downloading the help file is not neccessary to run the GUI, but it does contain useful information and instructions. It must be unzipped into the same directory as the FuzzyCOPE3.exe executable

Click here to download the GUI (252 kB).
Click here to download the GUI Help file (410 kB).

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