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Work on FuzzyCOPE 3 started at the very end of 1997, and the system was released in mmid-1998. While it is a reasonably popular system (there have been over 17000 hits on the FuzzyCOPE 3 website in the last year), some users and members of the development team have both expressed some dissatisfaction with the software. Therefore, work on a replacement system, FuzyzCOPE 4, has begun.

Whereas FuzzyCOPE 3 was a radical redesign compared to it's predecessors, FuzzyCOPE 4 is intended to be more of an evolutionary change. While it will feature a completely redesigned user interface, the underlying principles of the computational engine will remain the same.

FuzzyCOPE 4 is currently in the advanced design stage of development. It's initial release date is set for the end of March 2000, although a beta release may occur before then.

Features of FuzzyCOPE 4

Selected new features of FuzzyCOPE 4 are:

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