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The FuzzyCOPE 3 engine is implemented as a single 32 bit Windows DLL. The engine is object orientated, with each object being referenced by a string alias. Objects are manipulated by a command interpreter, which accepts command strings in the Frigate scripting language, while error messages or results of operations are also returned as strings. The FuzzyCOPE 3 API programming libraries implement functions that construct and manipulate command and result strings, allowing the developer to create intelligent Windows applications without having to deal with either the interface to the DLL or the command string structure.

The most important concept to grasp in using these libraries is that of accessing objects by alias. Each object in memory, for examples an MLP, FuNN or data set, is referenced by an alias. Each alias must be unique for that object, and it cannot be a reserved word in the Frigate language. An object is assigned an alias when it is created, and the alias is used to access the object everytime it is needed. The use of aliases means that it is possible, subject to memory limits, to have an arbitrary number of objects of any type in memory, provided each object has a different alias. So, for example, it is entirely possible to have ten MLP networks in memory at a time, and to recall each of them with a different set of data.

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