Command Shell


The command shell interprets commands in the Frigate scripting language. Click here for documentation on the Frigate language. There are also a few commands that are specific to the shell itself.

Using the Command Shell

The command shell is a DOS based application. To start the shell, go to a DOS window and enter FC3. The shell command prompt, FC3>> should appear.
Typing a command and pressing enter will send a command to the interpreter. If the command executes sucessfully the shell will respond OK. If the operation resulted in an error an error message will appear. If the operation executed successfully with a result returned then that result will be displayed.

Entering quit or exit will close the command shell. To repeat the previous successful command, enter !! . Prefixing a command with @ will cause that command to be sent to the operating system, i.e. @dir is the same as typing dir at the DOS prompt. All other commands are part of the Frigate language, and documentation on those may be found by following the link above.

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